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– Katerina Perkhova and Gail Hart

Our team



Gail Hart, 

Certified Practical Midwife, USA.

Strongly interested in ways to holistically incorporate evidence-based medical knowledge with traditional midwifery understanding. She is a frequent speaker at midwifery conferences including Midwifery Today, MANA and others.


Katerina Perkhova,

journalist and birth advocate, Russia.

Katerina is an advocate for the family rights and rights of woman in childbirth, editor in chief Domashniy Rebenok (Home Child) magazine, journalist and videographer with over 10 years of experience. Mother of four wonderful homebirthed children.


Philipp Perkhov,

artist, designer and publisher, Russia.

Philip is an expert in organic gardening and ecobuilding, editor in chief Ecodom magazine, publisher and art-director with 15 years long experience in publishing. He created this website and is credited for many of the amazing photos on it.



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