My start with Ibirthtoday


My start with Ibirthtoday

My name is Rena. I have had a passion for learning and becoming a midwife for some time now, but life and financial constraint always held me back. The day I found Ibirthtoday. I was so excited. Not only can I learn midwifery, but I am also going to learn from Gail Hart, amazing! The price for the course is also very good.

Right now I just finished learning about charting, and how important it is to keep a chart. What to ask and how to ask. My idea of charting before was I know we should be keeping some kindĀ of records but I didn't think of being more detailed. Not only did she give us great reasons why we should chart (determining if she is a good candidate for homebrith, and an indication of how the birth may go). She also gave handout charts to further make it easy to understand.

So far I am in love with this course and Gail. I love how the videos make you feel like your sitting down with her having tea. She makes you feel as though she is speaking to you personally. Every free moment I have I am running to learn more!

I can't express enough my gratitude for this opportunity. Thank you!




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