Midwifery Essentials

Midwifery Essentials

Midwifery Essentials

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Great news dear midwives and doulas! We got so many requests from you last month and we decide to make for you the Special Offer till the end of February — 30% off! Now you can become a part of our international student team just for $1050 (normal price for course —$1500)!

This course has grown out of my nearly forty-five years of birth experience as a midwife. This course is designed as a way for new students to learn Practical Midwifery, and also for experienced midwives to make sure they have filled in any potential blanks in their education. I think the online format will make it possible to have real-time discussions on the right level for both new and older midwives or even doulas. It can be inclusive for everyone.

The layout of this course starts with normal pregnancy and then complications of pregnancy: then with normal labor and birth and postpartum, then complications of labor and birth: and then emergencies.

 The first module has charting and intake near the beginning because it is a big part of US midwifery (the charts and paperwork control everything and are very important). Careful charting can be a way to help identify risk factors which could be remedied, or which are high-risk enough to recommend transfer to medical care.

The online format allows us to fully utilize various methods of learning. By using text, videos and forums, plus monthly group sessions and personal tutoring each student can learn to her full potential and at her own speed.

Personal tutoring: you are getting access to the online monthly group sessions (12 sessions), 1 year of personal tutoring and question bar under each lesson.

Note: you can get our course without tutoring with a 30% discount (available by request). We recommend you be part of the whole work year!

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  1. Module 1. Introduction: Pregnancy

      1. Signs and symptoms of normal pregnancy; working out a Due Date $20 - Purchase Now

        1. Preterm Birth

        2. Emergencies: bleeding, miscarriage, preterm birth, infections $20 - Purchase Now

        3. Emergencies: preeclampsia and hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) $20 - Purchase Now

      1. Emergency Childbirth (when birth attendant is not arriving) $20 - Purchase Now

      1. Synopsis of Fetal Heart Rate and signs of Fetal Distress in Labor
 $20 - Purchase Now

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  • Sofia

    I’m very interested in this course but was wondering if the duration of the videos are correct since the shoulder dystocia video seems to be only 5 minutes long and there are others even shorter.
    Thank you so much!

    • Dear Sofia, yes, but some of the videos like 2 hours long. I can give you limited access to the course, so you can taste it 🙂 pls contact me via email: info@domrebenok.ru
      Katerina Perkhova

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