Love is the Science of Birth: 7th International Birth Conference

Love is the Science of Birth: 7th International Birth Conference

Love is the Science of Birth: 7th International Birth Conference

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What do you know about Midwifery and Birth in Russia?

Would you like to know more about traditional remedies, "banya" practises and other cool tricks? How about baby gymnastic? And much more: 20 speakers from Russia, Europe and USA will share their amazing knowledge for mothers, doulas, midwives and monitrices: unique recipes of placental tinctures from a Russian Midwife, Birthin From Within and IPPA sessions, SingingBirth, Village Prenatals with Sister MorningStar, VBAC in Russia, Newborn First Breaths (neonatal resuscitation, Mediation in Birth Word...

So, if you are getting excited about it — more than welcome!




  1. Monitrice in Russia $5000 - Purchase Now

    History of the profession. What is the difference between a doula and a monitrice? The scope of practice and responsibilities. The legal issues. Russian expirience. Professional Association in Russia. The specifics of Child Birth in Russia. How to deal with hospitals and midwives. Practical advice, discussions, cases from practice.
  2. Introduction to Birthing From Within

    Birthing From Within’s foundation training is for anyone who wants to experience and learn about unique and powerful model of childbirth preparation. This Introductory Workshop is the first step to becoming a Certified Birthing From Within Doula or Mentor. Participants typically describe this three-day workshop as «life-changing», «mind-turning», and «heart-opening».
  3. Placental Balsam: placental allogenic balm

    By collecting the information from various sources, combining the scientific knowledge and traditional remedies, Katerina has developed new recipes of placental balsamic blends. The essence of embalming is the impregnation of organ tissues with antiseptic substances that allow the release of rare and useful components without destroying their vitality.
  4. Singing Birth

    Singing Birth workshop focuses on three levels of learning: knowledge, physical awareness, active practice. The participants will be able to acquire information about the processes of conception, pregnancy and birth from the prospective of historical, iconographic, ethnographic, women studies and scientific narratives.
  5. Wimyn’s Circles: how to begin

    From the dawn of time we met together to speak and listen, to create beauty and support each other. For the first time in Russia, Sister MorningStar and Katerina Perkhova represent a practical and inspiring course for all women who want to create their first Circle of Women.
  6. MorningStar Yoga

    Join the morning singing and yoga practice for the happiness of all mothers and babies all over the world!
  7. Conception Preparation in Slavic Tradition

  8. Peace. Love. Midwifery: mediation for Doulas and Midwives

    The mediator and the midwife will talk about basic principles, techniques and tricks that help to minimize conflicts in the birth team, as well as heal old injuries inflicted by colleagues. Also we will discuss our conflicts with clients!
  9. Dynamic baby-gymnastics: misconceptions and mistakes

    Having been engaged in dynamic gymnastics for babies since 1986, directly working with children and teaching parents, advising instructors, developing it both technically and conceptually, Leonid constantly encounters some misconceptions concerning this method. As a result, we have incorrect understanding and a lot of mistakes.
  10. What do we know about VBAC?

    We will discuss the pregnancy and the childbirth after cesarean section. How we can help and prevent possible complications. Case studies, controversies and tricks of the trade.
  11. Newborn First Breaths (NFB)

  12. The magic of smells

    Smell is one of the strongest senses. Correctly built aroma composition will help smooth out the «angles» of pregnancy, help in childbirth and postpartum period. Also can create remedies for ourselves, for our mothers, for our children!
  13. The Cabaret

    Songs, dances, performances: show your talents! It will be fun!
  14. Nervous system development stages from birth to pre-school age

    What are the signs of possible problem? What is the norm and how to spot a pathology? Detection of abnormalities and prophylaxis.
  15. Shoulder Dystocia: a new look

    What is the true dystocia, and what is false? What we forgotten between theory and practice? Bring your stories and questions!
  16. Precious Pushing Trainer

    How to prepare our pelvic floor and vaginal muscles for birth, how to get a breathing and pushing skill and most importantly — combine it with the pelvic floor contractions, how to heal from painful periods, cervical erosion... And much more!
  17. Placenta Encapsulation: Russian experience

    Personal experience of using the placenta after childbirth. Placenta in Russia as a medicinal product. Personal experience placental buisness. Features of the legislation and the Russian mentality. Unique compounds. The main questions for those who want to become specialists in encapsulation. All participants will have the opportunity to join the Russian Association of Placental Capsulation Specialists.
  18. The third and fourth stages of labor

  19. Birth tourism: a new trend

    Indonesia, the United States, India, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, Europe... Why our pregnant women flying to the other end of the Earth to give birth to their child? We will discuss political, philosophical and legal issues, as well as talk about the practical part of childbirth abroad. Experienced moms and midwives will share with you their secrets and useful tips for parents and professionals!

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