Hands-off/hands-on: International Birth Conference 2017

Hands-off/hands-on: International Birth Conference 2017

Hands-off/hands-on: International Birth Conference 2017

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Join our 6th International Conference with more than 20 speakers from Russia, USA and Europe!

The Domashni Rebenok Magazine Conference is the most inspiring and useful event for parents, doulas, midwives and medical professionals who are interested in natural birth.
It is the 6th year when we, following your demand gather in Russia the brightest stars in world midwifery, doctors who hold on to evidence-based medicine, and the most positive doulas.
Don’t miss a chance to get to know and adopt unique methods and experience of midwives, doulas, researchers, doctors, osteopaths and other professionals from the US, Europe and Russia.
  • Over 50 hours of expert knowledge, experience and information.
  • Unlimited post-conference recording access.
  • Downloadable certificates (or we can print it and send via post).
  • Ask the experts your questions directly with translation!
  • Live conference valued at $340 (+ your travel costs) receive all of this just for the $200 online (or even less with Early Bird registration — 110$)
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  • Live Conference Workshops occurred between October 27 - October 29, 2016
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  1. Opening the Conference

  2. Postpartum recovery starts with pregnancy

  3. Home birth in Russia and US: is there a difference?

  4. Where does an epidural trip lead?

  5. Stages of development of the nervous system from birth to school age

  6. Homebirth Cesarean

  7. Hands on Health the Maya Way

  8. Dancing For Birth demo class

  9. «What do we do next?» game

  10. Natural birth: 100 secrets

  11. Hands-off midwifery

  12. Prenatal care

  13. What is vertical birth and what are the benefits?

  14. Pain. Breathing. Drawing.

  15. Birth theater

  16. Our nightmares: stories from our practice

  17. Professional burn-out

  18. How did our ancestors birth?

  19. Examination of a new born baby

  20. Slavic technique of postpartum belly wrapping

  21. Theory and practice of postpartum recovery according to Thai tradition

  22. Hemorrhage and Estimating Blood Loss

  23. The Microbiome Midwife Kitchen

  24. Birth closure

  25. Romero para uterino

  26. «I desperately want a baby, but I can’t…»

  27. Primum non nocere

  28. Closing the Conference

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