Love is the Science of Birth: 7th International Conference (online streaming)

birth in Russia

Love is the Science of Birth: 7th International Conference (online streaming)

20,000.00 8,000.00

Don’t worry about RU in payment option (it is how PayPal works in Russia 🙂 So our registration fee = 150$ = 8000RU

you can send payment directly to our PayPal: (and as soon as you send, please contact Katerina Perkhova)



What do you know about Midwifery and Birth in Russia?

Would you like to know more about traditional remedies, "banya" practises and other cool tricks? How about baby gymnastic? And much more: 20 speakers from Russia, Europe and USA will share their amazing knowledge for mothers, doulas, midwives and monitrices: unique recipes of placental tinctures from a Russian Midwife, Birthin From Within and IPPA sessions, SingingBirth, Village Prenatals with Sister MorningStar, VBAC in Russia, Newborn First Breaths (neonatal resuscitation, Mediation in Birth Word...

So, if you are getting excited about it — we will take care of online streaming for you in both languages (Russian-English) with access to recordings afterwards.

Our dates: 13-17 June | Russia, S.Piter

And online attending will cost you JUST 130$ (early bird) for all 5 days and more than 36 sessions!!!

If you like to attend online or to come in person — you are welcome to contact me any time: Katerina.Perkhova

Conference Program (Download pdf)

birth conference in Russia

Join our 7th International Conference with more than 20 speakers from Russia, USA and Europe!

The Domashni Rebenok Magazine Conference is the most inspiring and useful event for parents, doulas, midwives and medical professionals who are interested in natural birth.
It is the 6th year when we, following your demand gather in Russia the brightest stars in world midwifery, doctors who hold on to evidence-based medicine, and the most positive doulas.
Don’t miss a chance to get to know and adopt unique methods and experience of midwives, doulas, researchers, doctors, osteopaths and other professionals from the US, Europe and Russia.
  • Over 50 hours of expert knowledge, experience and information.
  • Unlimited post-conference recording access.
  • Downloadable certificates (or we can print it and send via post).
  • Ask the experts your questions directly with translation!
  • Live conference valued at $340 (+ your travel costs) receive all of this just for the $200 online (or even less with Early Bird registration — 130$)
Terms of Use
  • Live Conference Workshops occur between June 13 - June 17, 2016 (9:00 am - 9:00 pm Moscow Standard Time).
  • Workshops will be available via recordings (video and audio) 1-2 weeks later (all registrants will receive online notification).
  • Each individual’s log in details belong solely to the Registrant to whom ibirthtoday has provided them to.
  • Log in details are not sharable; they are to be used solely by the person who they are provided to.
  • In its advertising, promotional materials, website and online meetings, ibirthtoday uses only those images for which it owns and has a right to share, has purchased the rights to share, or has obtained legal permission to share.
  • Ibirthtoday requires its Speakers to use only those images and graphics that they personally own and have a right to share, have purchased the rights to share, or have obtained legal permission to share in the presentations and power points that they provide to ibirthtoday. Speakers are also required to properly reference any research/material that is not their own work. Please, if you find someone’s copyrighted work where — let us know by sending an email to or Facebook: Katerina.Perkhova

birth in Russia




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