Alternative Remedies

Alternative Remedies

Alternative Remedies

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This workshop contains power-packed information from a great midwife whose knowledge comes from attending over 8000 births. You will learn about the use of herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy and other natural remedies in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Learn practical uses of these remedies for your clients’ ailments and complications, such as using alternatives to halt a hemorrhage and how to keep your women well. This class is not just for novices, but for everyone!




  1. Introduction: types and preservation

  2. Nutritonal Supplements

  3. Herbs for Gestatonal Diabetes

  4. Circulatory Issues and Varicose Veins


  6. Perineal Assessment and Repair

  7. Hemorrhaging

  8. Postpartum Depression

  9. Basics for the Birth Bag

  10. Tinctures for the Childbearing Year

  11. Homeopathy for the Childbearing Year

  12. Midwife Bag: what I take to a birth

Comments ( 5 )

  • Quincy Bates, LM

    With a certificate of completion, are there CU/CEU’s as well?
    Thank you

  • Wun

    Hi!, i need to know if this course is only with videos?, We will receive some documents about it?, The english is not my first language, and i feel better listening and then reading it!!

    • Hello, dear Wun! We can send to you a PDF presentation with all recipes and details!

      Also if you will interesting in Gail’s course Midwifery essentials – all videos have additional text and more details + students always asking individual questions + we are organising 1 time per month online meeting when everybody can ask Gail and make clear all topics what was difficult!!! We have more than 80 students from Russia and all videos have Russian subtitles on Midwifery Essentials course – we can do it in your language too. What is your native language?

      • Sandra

        Hi. I am interested. But english is also difficult for me. It would be possibble to make the subtittles in spanish? Thanks

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