Find out what’s wrong, but also find out what’s right!

abnormal pregnancy

Find out what’s wrong, but also find out what’s right!

Reassurance and reduction of anxiety are some of the most important parts of prenatal care — in fact, since problems are rare then most of our focus should be on reassurance, education, and family aids. Remember our wider goal is to help the baby enter a healthy, loving family, and a healthy loving world. Everything is a piece of the picture.
A healthy baby with an injured, anxious mother and isolated father is born with a handicap, even though all may be physically well.

Wellness is a wide concept — it includes social, emotional, economic, generational, and even "national" health.
At every prenatal ask yourself:
— what is "right" about this pregnancy (and tell the woman — she needs to hear this)
— is anything "wrong" here (she might or might not, need to hear this)
— is something different or unusual? This might be good or it might be bad ("unusual" is not necessarily "abnormal") and even "abnormal" might not be a bad thing. There is a huge range within the definition of normal. But we need to know about it to be able to assess it.

Love is the Science of Birth: 7th International Birth Conference


20 Lessons

What do you know about Midwifery and Birth in Russia? Would you like to know more about traditional remedies, "banya" practises and other cool tricks? How about baby gymnastic? And much more: 20 speakers from Russia, Europe and USA will share their amazing knowledge for mothers, doulas, midwives and monitrices: unique recipes of placental tinctures […]
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Hands-off/hands-on: International Birth Conference 2017

, ,

28 Lessons

Join our 6th International Conference with more than 20 speakers from Russia, USA and Europe! The Domashni Rebenok Magazine Conference is the most inspiring and useful event for parents, doulas, midwives and medical professionals who are interested in natural birth. It is the 6th year when we, following your demand gather in Russia the brightest […]
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2 Lessons

The class was recorded on International Domashny Rebenok Conference (with Midwifery Today support). Russia, Saint Petersburg. May 11–15, 2016 SoundBirth: a method developed by Hilkka-Liisa Vuori. Your own voice can help you relax in childbirth! Women naturally make sounds during labour, but these sounds are many times uncontrolled. You can learn to use relaxing sounds consciously and deliberately […]
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Alternative Remedies


12 Lessons

This workshop contains power-packed information from a great midwife whose knowledge comes from attending over 8000 births. You will learn about the use of herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy and other natural remedies in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Learn practical uses of these remedies for your clients’ ailments and complications, such as using alternatives to halt a hemorrhage and how to keep your […]
01 : 45
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The First Hour after Birth

2 Lessons

Gail will share her insights and research findings on the hormonal states of mother and baby and the interaction that occurs during Human Bonding in the First Hour after birth. She will show how we can facilitate this essential process by making simple alterations in common birth practices. Gail’s teaching on this subject makes it […]
01 : 20
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Midwifery Essentials

53 Lessons

Great news dear midwives and doulas! We got so many requests from you last month and we decide to make for you the Special Offer till the end of February — 30% off! Now you can become a part of our international student team just for $1050 (normal price for course —$1500)! This course has grown […]
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